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Steven Lawn

Steven Lawn

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05/23/18 05:24 PM #2    

Scott Campbell

Diane:  Yes, a very quiet and kind person.  Just read this now - wow!  He was so young.  :(

05/23/18 06:19 PM #3    

Jennifer Meehl

Steven was a part of our "crew" including Phil Hoffman, Ken Perkins, and Rita McKenna. I remember his keen intellect and gentle ways.  We miss him!  Jennifer Meehl

05/25/18 06:29 PM #4    

Ken Perkins-Gough (Perkins-Gough)

 I remember Steve as an amusing reconteur with a rapier like wit. We were debate partners on the LHS debate team( the debate coach never spent much time preparing us--so the team winged it for the most part). The gang (Steve, Phil, Rita, Jennifer and I formed) was enriched by Steve's presence. 

A Lynn Item columnist on Steve's death wrote about Steve's wealth of information and keen insight. He said that Steve should have had a column of his own in a newspaper.  

05/26/18 02:34 PM #5    

Cheryl Nicholson (Smith)

I too was saddened by this news. And so young. I was on the debate team as well and I remember him as smart and kind. I wish I had gotten to know the witty,fun side as well. 

05/28/18 04:17 PM #6    

David Bjorkman

RIP Steve.  He was a good guy and fun to be with.

05/28/18 06:38 PM #7    

Ken Perkins-Gough (Perkins-Gough)

Cheryl, were you on the "infamous" bus trip home from New Hampshire (I think the tourament was at Darthmouth). It was a treacherous bus ride home due to the ice storm. I believe it was Ms. Tookey who tried to put the team up for the night at a motel, but the parents back home said no. We got home 2 am or later.

Looking at the yearbook, I see Mrs. Noonan was the coach at the time of the photo. She did prepare the debate team. Not so much Ms. Tookey. 

05/29/18 12:59 PM #8    

Cheryl Nicholson (Smith)

I don’t think I was on that one, Ken. I left the team either after 9th or 10th grade. I do remember us all getting on the bus to go home after one tournament only to discover the driver was stinking drunk!! 

05/29/18 05:25 PM #9    

Alan Hicks

Steve was a neighbor of mine.  I remember his sense of humor and  wit  and his whimsical, artistic way of looking at the world.  

05/30/18 11:56 AM #10    

Paula Leavy (Leonard)

Ken, as timekeeper, I was on that bus ride and never have been as cold as I was then.  Perhaps that ride convinced me to avoid New England winters at all costs.

05/30/18 02:37 PM #11    

Ken Perkins-Gough (Perkins-Gough)

Paula, I thought I would escape New England cold, snow and ice--but I didn't go far enough unlike you, Peter Leonard and Peter Goodspeed, et al. My only serious winter time accident was on the iced sidewalks of DC. And while the area has had some snowmaggedons, my family (Deb, son Ben and I ) avoided the latest snowmaggedeon by moving into a condo--leave the plowing and shoveling to others and the car in the garage. 

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